10 Reasons to get a home inspection!

1 – Safety – Perhaps above all else, a home inspection will ensure that your house is safe when it comes to the structure and integrity of the property, among other threats. When agreeing to a home-buying contract, you need to make sure that you will have the option to cancel after these checks.

2 – Gives an ‘Out’ – Normally, there will be multiple stages of the house buying process which offers many opportunities to leave a deal. In most cases, the result of the home inspection will be the final time that a buyer can cancel after seeing what needs repairing and the associated costs. Ultimately, this could save you thousands of dollars and a lot of grief.

3 – Protection – If you have decided to buy the property ‘as is’, this step becomes somewhat pivotal. At times, sellers will cover up mold problems or any other hazards so the inspection will be the way to uncover these problems. For example, they might find that the outdoor compressors have been removed in order to sell the copper for a little extra money.

4 – Illegal Installations – Sure, a property might have all the required systems in place, such as air conditioning and heating but have they been installed correctly? If the builder didn’t follow the correct code or the proper permit was not obtained, this will affect all sorts of areas including the usability of a home, insurance, and taxes. If a conservatory was built with no permission, the buyer is paying for something that doesn’t legally exist.

5 – Find ‘Deal Breakers’ – With an inspection, most people will set limits on how much they are willing to spend on repairs. If it goes above this amount, there will be an opportunity to back out as we saw earlier. If you are not happy to repair cracked walls and poor guttering, you can cut your losses and look for another property.

6 – Future Costs – Even if there aren’t any major issues, the inspector will normally point out the life cycle of each system which can help to calculate what will need replacing in the near future. By assessing their current condition, you will see whether you need to replace the cooling, plumbing, heating, etc. Ultimately, everything within a home has an expected life and an inspection can allow you to calculate future expenses.

7 – Negotiation – If the inspection shows that there are some problems but you are willing to deal with them yourself, you might be able to negotiate a better deal so the current owner will effectively be paying for the repairs themselves.

8 – Protect the Investment – As well as assessing its health, an inspection will also give you tips on how you can make the home more efficient and save money in the future.

9 – Insurance – After buying a property, you might find that the insurance will not set up a policy with some existing issues with the home. Therefore, you will know what position you are in with the insurance company after an inspection. With qualified home inspectors, they could even provide certification to prove that the house is in good condition.

10 – Make Good Decisions – Finally, a home inspection will allow you to make good decisions with what is likely to be the largest purchase of your life. It is all well and good falling in love with a property but, at the end of it all, you need to make a good business decision to protect your money.

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