4 Reasons to move to Edmonton, AB


Now first off let me explain that living in Edmonton, AB is not for everybody. It gets brutally cold in the winter… like you feel like you have been exiled to siberia cold! If you can’t toughen up and suck it up, then you might feel more comfortable moving down south of the border where it never snows and never gets cold. But, if you can suck it up, and enjoy winter here are a few reasons to move to Edmonton, AB.

The Snow РJust like I mentioned in the introduction it gets veeeeerrrrry cold out during the winter, but with the cold Edmonton, temperatures come that beautiful fluffy white stuff! For winter lovers this place is paradise. It is one of the most northern Canadian metro areas and because of that, we embrace the winter by having 4 inner city ski hills. They are Sunridge, Rabbit Hill, Snow Valley, and Edmonton Ski Club.

The largest inner city green space in North America! –¬†The whole river valley in Edmonton is a provincial park. This makes for some awesome summer adventures getting lost in the river valley with friends, tubing down the river, and enjoying the sunshine… Yes we do get some sunshine in our short summer, and man do us Edmontonians know how to enjoy it!

The West Edmonton Mall! – Fashionistas and Thrill lovers alike will love living in Edmonton, this is because we have the largest indoor mall in north america that houses the largest indoor wave pool, the largest indoor triple-loop roller coaster, the largest indoor lake, the largest indoor amusement park. The West Ed mall also houses some awesome fan favorite shops inside such as Apple, a Cineplex theater (complete with a dragon that once blew fire) and the old spaghetti factory!

Festival City! – If you love going to festivals, volunteering at festivals or performing music for festivals then you will love Edmonton. Some more notable festivals are the Fringe Festival, The Folk Festival, and my favorite the Edmonton International Street Performers Festival. Here is where you can see a list of festivals hosted in Edmonton each year.


All in all, I think that Edmonton is a fantastic city, and if you love festivals, shopping, thrills, and the outdoors (both warm and cold weather) you should come for a visit to see if you would like to move here. Here are my four favorite reasons to call Edmonton home, and if you happen to be moving to Edmonton and are looking at buying a home in Edmonton sooner or later you will need a home inspector. We consider ourselves to be the best House Inspectors Edmonton has to offer so remember the name RGC Home Inspections when you are buying a home.


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