We would to offer you a quality, reliable home inspection service with FREE infrared if you are buying a home or selling one in Beaumont?

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What you can expect from our home inspections.

When you call RGC home inspections to inspect your home you can expect a level of experience unparalleled in the beaumont area. Our master inspector Nick Klassen has been involved in the construction industry for over 30 years as a journeyman carpenter and is well versed in building codes in alberta which makes him the perfect candidate to perform your next home inspections.

We go in depth searching every area of a home for any imperfection that may cause you any headaches down the road, and look for anything that may need repairs. We check everything from the foundation to the shingles and then give you a complete and detailed inspection report of the whole property.

We are happy to walk through the home with you and report our findings in person and promise not to make you feel like we are rushing to leave and get to our next inspection.

Can you be sure that the home you are buying will not be a money pit?

Often times getting caught up in the excitement of buying a home can make us throw up our blinders to any issues that may be in the home. This is why it is crucial to hire a certified experienced inspector to look over the property for you and give you their expert advice of their findings. Nick has been inspecting homes in the beaumont and edmonton area for over 8 years and in that time has amassed over 2000 inspections under his belt. When you choose RGC home inspections to perform your next home inspection you get the wisdom and experience that Nick has acquired in those 8 years and 2000 inspections to use as your own, giving you the ability to ask one of the most experienced inspectors in the area any of the questions you may have about a property. All of this allowing you to be sure that the property you are investing your time and energy into making into your home is one that will not only be worthy of your money, but be a worthy home for your family to grow in.

Did you say FREE infrared inspection?

Yes we did. In fact the truth is we do this not to sell you on our services, but rather to provide the best service possible. Without using infrared and thermal imaging we do not get the best picture of a home because we are not superhumans (although we wish we were) and cannot see behind the walls. Using infrared gives us the power of Supermans’ X-ray vision in the palm of our hands which we can then use to assure you that there are no hidden surprises hiding behind your walls.

What we see with infrared that we cannot see with our human eyes:

When we look at a thermal image of your walls we are able to detect things like plumbing leaks, overloaded circuits in the electrical components, missing insulation, changes in temperature of exterior walls that could indicate a cracked foundation and disconnected heating vents. All of which are impossible to see without the infrared camera. We could give you our best guess, but that would only help you so much, and would not give you the ability to fully trust what we say about those areas. While some companies may choose to charge their customers, we choose not to. Like we said, not to sell you on using us, but so that you can know absolutely EVERYTHING about your new home.

So whether you are a home-owner and want a pre-sale inspection in st albert or a home buyer and want a regular home inspection in Beaumont we hope that you will give us a call and book an inspection with:


RGC Home Inspections

Inspections backed by Experienced Home Inspectors




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