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At RGC Home Inspections we have a vast array of inspection services for you to choose from in Edmonton and Area, so that, no matter if you are building, selling or buying a home you will have a professional opinion to back you up.

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Pre-Sale Property Inspectors

Pre – Sale Property Inspections

Are you looking to sell your home, and want to identify the major deficiencies that other home inspectors will find? Then a pre-sale home inspection is perfect for you. Not only will it help you see what you need to repair, but can also increase buyer’s interest around your property by helping home buyers feel more secure about their future purchase.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Buying your first home can be one of the most exciting and stressful times of your life. Let us help set you at ease about the structural integrity and the components of your future house by calling us to perform a standard home inspection for you. We inspect acreages, single family homes, duplexes, condos, and apartments just to name a few.

11 Month Home Warranty Inspection Service

11 Month Home Warranty Inspection

Did you recently buy a home from a developer or home builder? Did they provide you with a new home warranty? How long was it, and are you coming up to the end of the warranty? If you are in the last month of your home warranty, now is the time to get your home re-inspected to be sure that anything needs to be fixed by your builder.

Stage Construction Inspections

Stage (construction) Inspection

When you are building a home, it is likely that your lender and the city you are building in will want you to provide legal documentation that the house you are building is up to code. We can be that objective third party that ensures you get your every round of funding by providing you with a full inspection of the home at every stage complete with a professional report.

Mold Inspection Services in Edmonton

Mould Inspections

Do you suspect that you have mould in your home?

We can help you find out by taking a sample of the suspected area, then sending it to a lab to get tested. We are certified mould inspectors, and you deserve the peace of mind of having a high quality living environment.

For More info on the basic facts of mould itself, check out this article and video we made for you


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