The most common questions asked about home inspections.

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Q: Should All Home-Buyers get a home inspection.

A: In our opinion yes. Not just because it is how we feed our families, but because we think everybody should get a second opinion. It is often too easy to get caught up in the home buying process, and you end up falling in love with a home, and can end up not doing your full due diligence which can lead to overlooking key areas of the home that could result in very expensive repairs down the road.

Q: Why should somebody get a home inspection?

A: You should get a home inspection because of the fact that your home inspector will give you an objective opinion of your home, and then give you a full detailed report of your home after he completes his inspection. This not only allows you to see what effort, and energy you may need to put into home repairs, but also gives you bargaining power with a seller. Often times homes are priced based on their “curb appeal” and not on the actual life left in each of the components that make up a home.

Q: How can I tell a good inspection company, from a bad one?

A: We think that it is always the best plan to trust the home inspector who has the most experience and they must be certified to perform home inspections and do business in your local area. We require our home inspectors to be licensed to perform inspections, and our Master Home Inspector, Nick Klassen, is one of the most experienced home inspectors in edmonton.  He has over 30 years in the construction industry, as a carpenter, general contractor, and property inspector which helped him rocket up to becoming a master home inspector in no time.

Another thing to look at is if the company has a guarantee on their work, and is insured to carry out such work. This protects you in case your inspector misses anything. We carry such insurance and guarantee that if we miss anything crucial, that we will buy your house back from you. We don’t think it will come to that, because in our 8 years performing inspections we haven’t missed anything yet.

Q: How can I book an Inspection with RGC home inspections?

A: You can book with us online, through our easy to use contact form here, or if you need an inspection today, we will try to see if we can squeeze you in if you call us at: (780) 570-5824

Q: How much does the average home inspection cost?

A: It is hard to say exactly what the average home inspection costs, as all homes vary. For example, a home with a basement income suite acts as two different units and we charge for the inspection as if we are inspecting two smaller units because there is more to inspect, such as two furnaces, more windows, more codes and so on. As well there are more legalities to look out for, where as a home of the same size may be more expensive for the single unit, but ends up being less expensive because it is not two single units. To get a detailed quote of the home you would like us to inspect, it is always best to give us a call so we can give you an accurate price right away.



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