Benefits of Infrared During Home Inspections

With every inspection we perform, our home inspectors will provide you with an infrared scan/thermal imaging scan allows you to see what is behind the walls.

Often times if there is a short in the wires behind the walls, you will not know until it is too late.

With our thermal imaging camera, we are able to see so much more than what we see with our naked eye.

We can see if insulation is missing.

We can see if one area of a basement wall is colder than another, prompting us to check for moisture to be sure that there are no cracks or flaws in the foundation.

We can check electrical components, to see if a circuit is overloaded, shorting, or improperly installed.

Without an infrared scan, we cannot get the FULL picture of a home.

That is why we throw that in as an added bonus (FREE) because we truly do want you to know everything and anything that may be wrong with the home that you are about to sink years of hard earned money into.

We believe that buying a house is much more than buying a physical building.

We look at it as if you are buying the place you will see your kids take their first steps, achieve their biggest achievements, and where you would like to spend the rest of your life surrounded by your family and friends.

This doesn’t happen when you are stressed out about something like your basement flooding and having to drop thousands on foundation repair, rather than letting your kids go on their school field trip or something of that matter.

Thermal imaging scans help us prevent situations like that from happening in the first place.

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