Need some help in determining who should attend your home inspection? There are many factors that influence the attendance of a house inspection and you may want to consider these things in order to make the process as hassle-free as possible:

  • In the majority of the cases, it is the home buyers who hire a property inspector as their personal consultant, the decision of who should attend the home inspection should be left up to the buyer. In our opinion, it is always best that the buyer of the home attends the inspection.
  • The choice to bring your family is ultimately up to you, but we recommend getting a babysitter for the day so it is just you and your significant other with the inspector, without the distraction of kids.
  • Your Realtor typically is the one that will outline who will be present on the day of the inspection but there are different factors that affect this, depending on the realtor you choose to work with and the seller. If you are a buyer for example that currently lives in a different city or can’t take a break from work, you may choose to appoint a representative to attend on your behalf.
  • The role of the seller’s agent is to grant access to the house if a lock box is not in use for the home in order to give the home inspector access to the home, and in some cases provide you with a Seller’s disclosure statement. The seller’s agent will typically leave after that to let the inspector do his job for the rest of the inspection.
  • The buyer’s agent will be together with the Buyer in most cases, but in some cases, the Buyer’s agent may assign a helper to answer any questions the buyer has. Ultimately, the inspection can take place with or without the presence of the buyer’s agent, as long as one agent – buyers or sellers – is in the home.

Should sellers attend the inspection?  The answer to this question is actually a tad bit complex. If you are the buyer, you can’t tell a seller that they have no right to attend the inspection. It all depends on the seller as some may attend only the first part while others will stay for more hours or until the end. The most appropriate thing would be of course to request that the seller leaves at some point to avoid any misunderstandings and to avoid annoying the buyer.

Some Real estate agents will try to stop any direct interaction between Buyers and Sellers before or at the time of inspection, for the purpose of avoiding any unnecessary emotional attachments that will ruin the chances of landing a sale.

In the case that the seller does attend the inspection, more often than not, our clients prefer a consultation in private without the attendance of the seller. I personally like to do this in a comfortable place like in the kitchen or the living room.

The least unfavorable situation is when Buyer’s agent tells their Buyers that they shouldn’t or don’t have to attend the inspection, acting as mediators on their behalf. This provides room for misinterpretation in the conversation between the buyer and their agent.

Additionally, some home inspectors are quite strict on their policies who is going to attend the inspection or not, which is another aspect you have to consider. For us, it is up to you who you want to attend the inspection.

Remember here that your home inspector is your advocate and you are the one paying for their honest opinion and expertise to judge the safety and condition of a property.

In my opinion, the fewer people that attend the inspection, the easier you can focus and evaluate everything the inspector has to say. For that reason, we recommend that it be just you and your significant other – if you have one – that attend the inspection, with the help of one agent – yours or the sellers – to get into your future home.


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