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They want to know all about the home before they consider buying. This is because it is usually too late after they have made the purchase to do anything about things that could cost a lot of money to repair or replace. Yes, some people see a home and fall in love with it, not caring about the deficiencies. They want to buy it on the spot this is called impulse buying, but most people know is not a good method to use when you are making a purchase as big as your home. For this reason most people hire a home inspector for that objective report of a home.

Here is why you should get a pre-sale inspection before you sell your home.

When you are selling a home

Is it beneficial to have your home inspected before selling it? The answer is “Yes.” It is important that you know the real condition of your home before engaging in a contract of selling it. A home inspection involves making a thorough study of your home to diagnose any physical defects. Its service also includes identifying possible future costs of the property that may need to be replaced, repaired or just monitored.

What are the benefits of having a Property Inspection?

Making use of a home inspection is important to both buyer and seller. It provides reassurance to the customers being able to know the real physical condition of the house, even if it is almost new. Buyers will feel comforted knowing that there are no possible significant surprises that may arise and would feel confident to place a bid. As a seller, you can also save time and money with a home inspection.

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As a seller you will also get to know the root of any problems and not just have to deal with what is seen on the outside. Like for example, what if you have moisture leaking through your walls. You may hire a drywaller to fix the wall, but still, experience the moisture leakage after the repair. If you hired a home inspector first, you would have found out that there was a small crack in your foundation and could have given attention to the source of the problem.

You can also benefit from a property inspection in the sense that you will have the option of repairing the problem first, so that you can sell your home for the best price. Often times home sellers get what is called a pre-sale home inspection so that they can have an objective report of their property because when you live in a property for years, you inevitably forget about some of the minor details.


What we look for when inspecting a home

So here are some things the inspector is going to evaluate while doing a home inspection.


Foundation Inspection

He will take a close look at the basement making sure that there is no moisture leaking through which may deteriorate the building materials over time and attract insects and mould growth.


Roof Quality InspectionYour home inspector would also check on the shingles to ensure you won’t have to run out with buckets in a rain storm.

Because that is not very fun!



Plumbing InspectionWe will use infrared to check the plumbing for possible leaks behind walls and check all the drainage pipes and the septic system. So if there are any leakage issues, you can make sure to fix it long before a potential home-buyer will have the property inspected.


Electrical Panel Inspection in a HomeThe inspector would also check on the electrical system to make sure everything is up to date, and wired to code so that you won’t have an electrical fire on your hands.

And that is just to name a few. A typical home inspection report will include much more details about every room and aspect of the home and can be anywhere from 30-60 pages long.

In closing

We hope that this article will give you an insight on what to expect during your next home inspection as well as the importance of having one before selling the house. If you receive some negative comments from the inspector, do not be discouraged, these are important highlights that will help you capitalize on your home’s value. The inspector’s job is to take notes of everything he has seen in your house, and provide that to you so that you know what may come up when another inspector performs a buyers inspection. Also, you should never feel like you have to meet any unreasonable demands for repairs from home buyers, you can either choose to lower your price, offer the home as is, or make minor repairs that won’t set you back to far in order to close the deal.

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And always remember: Research companies before hiring them in order to confirm that they are licensed by InterNACHI, insured, and have the proper background to give you the best inspection.

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